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"Services designed to help your love one adapt to his/her daily life"

A caregiver is the person who helps another person with an impairment in their activities of daily living. Any person of legal age and with health impairments, could use our care services to attend and help with their difficulties. The care provided by BrightHands Caregivers of South Florida is created and adapted to address deficiencies related to old age, disability, a temporary illness or a mental disorder.

Commonly, the typical duties of a caregiver may include caring for someone who has a disease or chronic condition, they also help administer medications or talk to doctors and nurses on behalf of your loved one; help with personal hygiene and dress, take care of domestic tasks such as meals or bills of someone who cannot do these things alone.

The role of the caregiver is increasingly recognized as an extremely important role in our society, both functionally and economically. Our agency provides support to people with disabilities with the development of various forms of support for your love one and also for caregivers.

An outstanding characteristic of the person who assumes the main responsibility of someone who cannot take care of himself completely, is some one which provides care with love and dignity, which is very important to his loved one who cannot stand on his own and bring your daily living with full capacity.

The concept can be important both in the theory of attachment and in family law, for example, in guardianship and custody of children. Some states in the United States, such as California, have established the responsibilities of the primary caregiver.